Case Studies moxibustion

Case Study #1


Patient X.X. 37 year old female

– Suffered a fall on her coccyx in 2012

– Was 8 weeks pregnant at the time of injury

– Had a miscarriage shortly after the accident

– In 2018 presented with persistent pelvic pain since the time of injury (6 years), painful intercourse (dyspareunia), infertility

– Had seen 74 different practitioners from 2012 to 2018

Physiotherapy Treatment Goal: decrease/resolve pelvic pain, restore the neuro-dynamics in the pelvis.

Initial Assessment Findings (done on Aug. 28/2018):

– As per pelvic health physiotherapy Ax: short and tight pelvic floor muscles, multiple Trigger points and myofascial restrictions at the levator ani, coccygeous and the muscles adjacent to the pelvis

– As per TCM Ax: congenital Kidney Yang Deficiency body constitution – 5.2ft, 108lbs, pale tongue with Stomach/Heart crack, thready and weak pulses decreased in bilat. Kidneys positions and front left position, cold limbs, cold abdomen

– Stress, Anxiety, Depression as per DASS outcome measure questionnaire

At Initial Assessment patient demonstrated high sensitivity to the fact that she is unable to conceive for the past 6 years.
Blood work incl. hormones AMH, TSH, T3, T4 was normal.
Menstrual cycle was 28 days, lasting for 5 days, no blood cloths, no cramps.

TCM Treatment Goal: Resolve Qi stasis at lower jiao, boost Kidney Yang, nourish the Heart.

During the 3rd treatment session on September 27th/2018, patient reported that she went to a Fertility clinic. Patient stated that she is considering an IVF. Natural fertility treatment options were discussed and it was agreed to try out HSM (heat sensitive moxibustion, body and scalp acupuncture) for 3 months. Patient didn’t want to perform moxibustion at home because of the smell, but she was OK to have the treatment in the clinic.

Fertility Treatments started on October 11/2018. Our Treatment Protocol was as follows:

– Body Acupuncture: Front Wheel of Life

– Scalp Acupuncture: GV20, Foot-Motor-Sensory lines + Reproduction lines with 1.5Hz electrical Stimulation

– Heat Sensitive Moxibustion – fertility points were probed, most heat sensitive were CV3, also moxa stick was done on CV1

3 Treatment sessions were done between October 11 and Nov.1/2018 once a week.

On Nov. 1/2018 patient reported positive pregnancy test results. At present she is a happy mother to a baby girl.

Case Study #2

Tara R 38 year old

Tara experienced numerous health issues during and after her first pregnancy (adenomyosis and severe anemia to name a few). Although, she was planning to have one more child, she had difficulty getting pregnant. At a fertility clinic, Tara was told that she may not be able to conceive naturally. However, instead of proceeding immediately with IVF, she gave herself a timeline of 6 months. She worked closely with a naturopatic doctor and at Beyond physio, she was treated with moxibustion, TCM acupuncture and pelvic floor physiotherapy. Also, she was given moxa to use daily at home. Only a few months later Tara was able to conceive naturally. She gave a home birth to a healthy baby girl. Most likely her preconception treatments contributed for an ultimate experience and controlled uncomplicated labor. Here are her own words:
“Thank you so much! Your role was so integral in this process, I’d love to help anyone I can by sharing my experience. It was a dream pregnancy after thinking it wouldn’t be possible and then being able to have my homebirth after spending too much time at doctors and hospitals since Everly’s birth. Can’t wait to see you.”