“Prepare the soil to plant the seed.” an ancient Chinese saying

While studying the traditional folk medicines of different cultures and populations around the world, we found that all of them incorporate detailed chapters of preconception’s health of both partners. They all include advices on how and when is a favorable time to conceive a child in order to assure optimal health and Qi of this child. In the West pre-conception care is usually limited to maternal advice of taking Folic Acid supplements in order to prevent neural tube defects. Although, it is extremely valuable advice, it is not enough to assure conception and creation of a healthy child or to prevent early pregnancy miscarriage.

Our pre-conception program includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Nutrition and lifestyle advice for both partners
  2. A couple of routine Acupuncture treatments for the father to improve his holistic health and to optimise the quantity and the quality of his sperm.
  3. One or more pelvic health physiotherapy treatments for the mother to be, including advice on pelvic floor muscles exercise.
  4. A few sessions of TCM acupuncture and moxibustion treatments for the female partner to enhance her holistic health, therefore optimizing the chances of quick natural conception and uneventful pregnancy.

This program is aimed to address the needs of any healthy couple who has the mind set and the desire to optimize their chances for easy conception, normal pregnancy and uncomplicated vaginal childbirth.