We provide one on one hands on therapy. We do not use assistants or support personnel. All the treatments are provided by a highly qualified professional with dual license (physiotherapy and acupuncture) and over 25 years of clinical experience. We book enough time between clients. This way we are able to address all the aspects of your treatment and you do not feel you are rushed. We charge in accordance with the treatments we are providing.

The initial visit at Beyond Physio is a comprehensive health history and assessment, combining Emiliana Blagoeva’s experience in evidence-based Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture and more.

The fee for this first visit is $150.00 for pelvic health, chronic pain or other more complicated neurological conditions and $135.00 for orthopaedic assessment and TCM acupuncture.

If a physiotherapy treatment or TCM acupuncture treatment is given at the first visit, there will be an additional charge.

The fees for follow up pelvic health physiotherapy, chronic pain and/or neurological conditions are $140.00.

For orthopedic physiotherapy and TCM acupuncture follow up visits, the fees are $125.00. The duration of the follow up visits is usually 45 min. If TCM Acupuncture is used in combination with pelvic health physiotherapy, the duration of treatment is 60 min. and it will be charged accordingly.

Modalities such as auricular causative diagnosis, auricular therapy, dry needling, gua sha, indirect moxa stick, heat sensitive moxibustion and direct moxa are charged additional fee accordingly ($20.00-$40.00).

Moxa on ginger and dragon moxa require additional preparation time and are charged additional $60.00 (usually used in fertility treatments and severe depleted chronic conditions). Also, the treatment duration when moxibustion is applied is 45-60min. The treatment plan and the modalities required will be discussed at your initial assessment.

Payments are due at each visit by email transfer, cheque or cash at the time of the visit.